Angel Crafts 12" by 8' Premium Transfer Paper Tape Roll with Grid - Perfect Alignment for Oracal, Cricut or Silhouette Cameo Self Adhesive Vinyl

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$ 13.95 $ 21.95msrp
$ 13.95 $ 21.95 msrp

ANGEL CRAFTS 12" BY 8' TRANSFER PAPER TAPE ROLL WITH GRID. Take your originality to the next level with custom-made Wall Vinyls, home décor, and more! Whether you love making original home décor, business signs, or arts and crafts, few things give you the chance to be unique than transfers you create yourself. We love originality, which is why we created Angel Crafts Transfer Paper Tape Roll for your favorite crafters in the world—you.

At 8’ long and 12” wide, you’ll enjoy not only how much clear transfer paper you receive, but how easy it is to use. Because it features a grid, you can easily cut designs, letters, words, and even pictures using a Provo Craft Cricut Machine, Silhouette Cameo or Portrait Die Cutter.

Features and benefits: 

  • Transfer paper includes a grid pattern
  • Easy and fast transfers
  • Makes adhering Vinyl easier
  • Large volume per role
Get yours today and take your crafting to the next level!

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$ 13.95 $ 21.95 msrp

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