Angel Crafts Heat Transfer Vinyl 12" x 10 ft Roll for T-Shirts, Hats, Clothing - Weeds Easily Iron On HTV for Cricut, Cameo, Heat Press Machines

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$ 24.95 $ 37.95 msrp

Angel Crafts Heat Transfer Vinyl 12" x 10 ft Roll for T-Shirts, Hats, Clothing - Weeds Easily Iron On HTV for Cricut, Cameo, Heat Press Machines

GUARANTEED EASY TO WEED! Best weeding technology on the market today. Your designs don't come off when weeding, pulls apart easily. Won't stick to the carrier sheet. Cut lines easy to see! Compatible with Silhouette Cameo and Cricut Expression machines for cutting, and leading brands of heat press tools.

DURABLE AND FLEXIBLE. Angel Crafts Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) Sublimation paper is made thinner and stronger so it flexes more easily while being applied, and while wearing the clothing, and remaining extremely durable. Won't fade, peel or crack when applied correctly, withstanding multiple washes and rugged play. Rated better than Siser and other top selling HTV.

LARGE ROLL (NO WASTE, LESS MONEY). Each roll measures 12" x 10" which means more cuts, less waste for less money. Lets you cut specific designs or letters in any size without reducing the quality or effectiveness of the heat press. INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED!

CREATE GREAT GIFTS! Personal handmade gifts made by YOU with tender, loving care – just the way you like them! Angel Crafts HTV can be used for a variety of clothing wear, including hats, shirts, sweatshirts, polos, arts & crafts, or even that ugly Christmas sweater. Great for children's clothing, stylish enough for corporate wear.

QUICK AND EASY CUSTOM CLOTHING! You will feel like a pro as you easily create custom clothing for yourself, family, neighbors and co-workers to wear, sell or give as gifts for last minute baby showers or birthday parties.


Heat Pressing Recommendations for Heat Transfer Materials.

1. First, fabrics are not made of the same composition. Some are more sensitive to heat while other will take very high heat.
2. Some fabrics, i.e. Athletic Wear, that state “ Moisture Wicking ” are most likely treated with a treatment that will not accept all adhesives used with Heat Transfer Materials. Some fabrics, including cotton or cotton/poly blends (like T-shirts) are also treated with a protective coating that may repel heat transfer material. Washing the garment first is a possible solution.
a. If you are not sure if fabric repels water, put a drop of water on the fabric, if it rolls off, you will need a special Heat Transfer Materials for this fabric. If it soaks in, you most likely are OK with a standard Heat Transfer Materials.
Always, Test first before starting a full production or a final project. Heat pressing to optimize good proper melting of the Hot Melt Adhesive into to the fabric.
1. Make sure your work station is smooth and firm! Ironing boards are not necessarily the best surface.
2. We recommend putting a low nap cotton bath towel on the work surface, but it may not be mandatory based on
the thickness of the garment or fabric.
3. Pre-iron your garment or fabric or pre-wash and dry fully just before application.
4. Be sure you activate the Hot Melt adhesive, “the full graphic equally”. Repeat pressing recommendations to ensure the full graphic’s Hot Melt adhesive has been activated and pressed into the fabric.
5. If your iron has holes in it, split the pressing time in half. Press, rotate iron 180⁰, repress remaining seconds.
6. Do not use any steam, remove water from the iron before pressing.
Recommend heat pressing Temperature, Time & Pressure / Down Force.
1. Temperature of 305 F / 320 F , Very Firm Pressure, 30 to 40 seconds
2. Temperature of 320 F / 340 F , Firm Pressure, 25/30 seconds
3. Temperature of 340 F / 365 F , Firm Pressure, 20/25 seconds
Application Instructions
· Prep your surface so it is clean and dry, Pre-heat iron to cotton (or hottest) setting (NO Steam).
· Cut design in MIRROR IMAGE with a sharp 45-degree blade. Place heat transfer with glossy side down and matte side up. Cut on backside in reverse. Perform a test cut first, adjust as needed.
· Remove excess heat transfer material.
· Preheat garment for 2-3 seconds.
· Position heat transfer on garment with its polyester carrier (glossy side) up protected by parchment paper, craft paper or teflon sheet.
· Apply heat to the entire area of the heat transfer for 25-30 seconds per area using firm pressure. Press, hold, press, hold, and repeat until it’s firmly attached to garment.
· Peel off clear liner hot or cold when complete
Care Instructions
· Wait 24 hours before first wash and follow the manufacturer's washing instructions on the garment.
· Wash inside out, Do not Dry Clean, Do not Bleach
· Hang item to dry for best results. If drying, use a low setting
For best results, use 100% cotton, Poly/cotton blend, 100% uncoated polyester and leather. Store unused heat transfer vertically for one year in a cool, dry room, protected from sunlight.
Caution: These recommendations are based on our own experience and testing. We recommend doing your own testing first, especially for non-standard fabrics

$ 24.95 $ 37.95 msrp

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