Angel Crafts Clear Casting EPOXY Resin & Hardener (32oz) Mix Kit

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$ 39.95 $ 47.95msrp
$ 39.95 $ 47.95 msrp

Clear Casting EPOXY RESIN & HARDENER (32oz) Mix Kit for Jewelry Making, Wood Table Tops, Molds, Craft Art Dyes, Color Pigments, Buttons, & More - BEST UV Cast Coating Formula

Cures perfectly every time in approximately 37 minutes with a 50/50 ratio that gives you a crystal clear, non-yellowing finish for all your works of art. For second coats, make sure you apply within 48-72 hours for best results. Delamination issues will arise if the second coat is applied greater than three days and if your project has a lot of water in it (wood, flowers, etc.) Please note: a thin coat takes longer to cure.

Don't ever worry about it drying too fast! Once the epoxy and the resin are mixed you have approximately 25 minutes to apply. Uncured epoxy has easy clean-up with rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. Mixing thoroughly in one direction, scraping both the sides and the bottom will avoid mixing air in and not getting bubbles.

Blush resistant with mixed in proper ratio. Self-Leveling, Compatible with most dyes, pigments, alcohol inks. Water resistant, No solvents, no VOCs, non-flammable, Lower exotherm (~84C for 6oz of mixed product). May be safely used for food contact when mixed and fully cured in accordance with instructions per FDA 21 CFR 175.300.

As a good corporate citizen, Angel Crafts has carefully selected ingredients for our products that place less strain on users and the environment.  Safe handling practices still need to be followed by the user. Developed and marketed in accordance with CPSC guidelines.


$ 39.95 $ 47.95 msrp
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